The History, Science, and Theology of the Holy Shroud

Face of Jesus in negative

This slideshow was made by David Roemer, who is on the list of speakers of the Shroud of Turin Website.

There are versions in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, and Polish.
  1. 1978 exhibition of the Shroud of Turin
  2. Chapter 15, verse 43, of Mark's Gospel
  3. 17th century painting of the Shroud of Turin
  4. Positive front view of body of Jesus
  5. Positive back view of body of Jesus
  6. Quotation from address of Pope John Paul II
  7. Quotation from physics journal about body image
  8. Official endorsement of Holy Shroud by Pope Pius XI
  9. 14th century medallion sold to pilgrims
  10. Bishop Henri de Poitiers endorses the Shroud of Turin
  11. Quotation from science journal about 1988 carbon dating
  12. Face of Jesus in negative
  13. Face of Jesus in three dimensions
  14. Wounds on wrists of Jesus
  15. Wounds on back of Jesus
  16. Whip used to scourge Jesus
  17. Microphotograph of body image
  18. Microphotograph of blood stains
  19. Photograph of linen plant cell showing discoloration
  20. Radiation theory of discoloration in body image
  21. Chemical theory of discoloration in body image
  22. Image on back surface of Holy Shroud
  23. Side view of Shroud of Turin
  24. Connection between Shroud of Turin and Image of Edessa
  25. Transfer of cloth from Edessa to Constantinople
  26. First historical reference to image of Edessa
  27. 10th century painting of image of Edessa
  28. 5th century reference to the image of Edessa
  29. Quotation from St. Irenaeus about Gnostics and an image of Jesus
  30. Quotation about the immorality of Gnostics
  31. Quotation from a tombstone in Edessa
  32. 4th century bust of Christ
  33. 3rd century painting of Jesus
  34. Quotation from biology text book about the mind-body problem